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Welcome! If you're in the middle of a life transformation with a desire to turn things around and create an Audacious Life - one YOU want, not what others expect - and know that it's time to live life on your terms, become your best self, and find freedom from what's holding you back. You're in the right place! Here you'll hear stories of healing, profound and transformation. You'll learn how to tap into your intuition, find your voice, and take practical steps to move toward more peace, clarity, happiness, and abundance.

May 25, 2018

Jason Levoy is a family law attorney who specializes in coaching people through the legal aspects of divorce particularly when they cannot afford an attorney or choose to represent themselves. He's a rare attorney with a lot of heart who has a mission to help people through the divorce process in the least painful way. He's known as the Divorce Resource Guy.

In this episode originally recorded on video for The Audacious Life closed Facebook group, Jason shares tips on How to Divorce a Narcissist. How to identify that you're with a narcissist and what it's like dealing with these personality types in court.

Tune in for more about this topic and join the Audacious Life closed Facebook group to see the video interview with Jason and have an opportunity to leave him questions for his next appearance in the closed group.

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