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Welcome! If you're in the middle of a life transformation with a desire to turn things around and create an Audacious Life - one YOU want, not what others expect - and know that it's time to live life on your terms, become your best self, and find freedom from what's holding you back. You're in the right place! Here you'll hear stories of healing, profound and transformation. You'll learn how to tap into your intuition, find your voice, and take practical steps to move toward more peace, clarity, happiness, and abundance.

Nov 30, 2021

Dealing with Toxic Families

Toxic families are difficult enough to be raised in. For outsiders, being brought in via dating, marriage, friendships, the family dynamic, and what it creates in adult children can be highly confusing to people raised in healthier homes.


This episode is about toxic clan family dynamics, why they behave the way they...

Nov 5, 2021

Healing Trauma & connecting with others

If you've been feeling disconnected, stuck, or paralyzed, sensing a deep yearning for something more, it may be a desire to find safe people to be with in real life. People who are accepting won't judge you for opening up and sharing what you're going through.

There's a collective desire to be seen and heard and...

Oct 16, 2021

What is Reactive Abuse?

Gabby Petito did not have an anger problem. I believe what we saw on video was Reactive Abuse.

I share what Reactive Abuse is and why it can create more problems for the victim and help the abuser look innocent.

I've been creating response videos as podcasts to address what I've seen in comments and the...

Sep 28, 2021

Gabby Petito's Abuse Signs Missed - Abuse Identification Training could have saved her life

Gabby Petito's Obvious Abuse signs were missed. In this video, I share the classic signs of emotional abuse and control associated with narcissistic abuse and all the "professionals" who identified Brian as the victim and dismissed the signs that many of us viewing the police bodycam video saw as obvious classic...

Sep 16, 2021

Leaving an Abusive Husband When You have a Young Child with Kate Beasley Eaton

I spoke with Kate Beesley Eaton about her circumstances leaving her narcissistic abusive husband. Kate is a Trauma & Narcissism informed clinical hypnotherapist, Practitioner & Coach. Highly knowledgeable in this area, I wanted to learn how she managed her experience leaving her abuser and how she protected her young...