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Sep 8, 2019

Does a Chaotic Childhood Result in a Chaotic Unsuccessful Adult Life?


Does a Chaotic Childhood Result in a Chaotic Unsuccessful Adult Life?

It's a great question. I'm sure most of us would respond with a resounding, "Yes!" 

It's refreshing when we find evidence against this assumption.

Enter Author and successful executive Hope Mueller. Hope shares her early experience of mostly raising herself as a child in a free wheeling commune where sexual freedom, drugs, and no real sense of limitation or structure were to be found.

Hope's story is shared through her new book, "Hopey: from Commune to corner office." Here you'll understand how she made the leap from chaos into the structure of a corporate business environment. She's a mom of four in a healthy marriage and seems happy and well adjusted.

If you're feeling like you can only control so many aspects of your life or the lives of your children and sometimes this realization is sobering if not a bit depressing, you need to hear this interview. 

What if those same out of control things are exactly what will create resilience and a unique perspective, perhaps even a drive to achieve or create a life vastly different the one they were raised in?


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